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Another 400 "invested" in the stang. I just bought new front and rear bumpers, front valance, disc brake hoses for the front on both sides, the power steering hose that goes into the control valve, 1" sway bar bushings, and a deluxe bumber bolt kit. The shop was having a sale where they pay tax this weekend. Basically it was an 8% off sale and I also got some more discounts for buying so much stuff and because they give discounts to club members. I guess all those things can be checked off the list. I have sooo many boxes of parts laying around its not even funny, but then again, hey who doesn't right? /forums/images/icons/wink.gif

San Antonio, Tx
66 coupe 289
70 fastback done by may/graduation...hopefully

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As I soon will be rebuilding the entire car after its respray, I too have a whole lock-up full of parst, boxed and labelled. Another batch will be arriving this week or the next.

I always feel like a little kid when part arrive, even though I paid for them myself.

First time rolling restoration, 66 289 nearing completion.
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