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I have wanted to redo my website for a while now, and the fact that cancelled their free counter service, and that prohosting has some stupid popup with a 404 not found message in it every time a page loads I have decided to redesign and relocate my site, based on suggestions I have received from friends and from you guys here on the VMF, please take a look at the new layout, and tell me what you think, either by e mail or as a response here on the forum, thanks a lot!
the old page is at

again, Thanks!

(and yes bishir, I wrote this myself *G* )

Todd Dietrich
[email protected]
'66 Fastback
Allentown, PA
ObsidianSpider on AOL IM

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Excellent Todd, keep that front page simple with just HTML and fast-loading gifs....if you want any car pix on the front page, thumbnail them....

Colors are easy on the eyes.....

Overall, nice layout.....remember to keep the pages connected; I'd suggest a similar side bar on every page for continuity...

Good luck!


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Keep everything simple and clean and use links for larger pics if someone wants to see them better.

John L. Anschutz
Allen, TX
68 Diamond Blue Coupe - 302
68 Acapulco Blue Coupe - I6 - 200
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