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I know of a parts car

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Here, near Charlotte, NC. It is a C-code coupe, 1966, complete, but rusty. I need some of the little junk, (hood, tranny, steering wheel, wipers, steering box) but it does have a newly rebuilt engine, all other body, running gear, and interior parts available if someone would be interested in going in on it with me. He would likely take $1200.00 or so, and I could help move it. I have pictures if you are serious. Again, not my car, no guarantees, and I could probably do as well going to a junk yard. I just thought maybe myself and a partner could both benefit. If someone is looking to make a 6-cyl car to a V-8 this is perfect.....
Email me at [email protected] if interested. (and don't tell my wife...)

1966 C-Code Convertible, 59 Edsel Villager
Charlotte, NC
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