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So, I have the trunk drop off removed on the drivers side and the frame end repaired etc.. But, the transition where it meets the tank was bad so I cut it off and have a repair section, but the top is dented and the ends where it meets the wheelhouse is pretty weak and rusty on both sides.

So, since I realized last week that my drivers side wheelhouse is junk and the quarter had been repaired poorly in the past that I would need to pull that side off anyway, so now's the time I guess to do the transition.

So I will end up having both drop offs out of the way, and getting the old one out is no big deal, but I want to know if I need to take any special measures first? I know the fastback trap door supports need to come off just to get the new drop offs in place.

I dont plan on removing the factory shock mount, so that will keep the frames in place, and where it meets the floor can be cut away since the next thing is a one piece floor pan.

Im curious if it would it just fit in through the door and lay down without any drama or if I should plan on cutting out the wheel house and quarter first? If I cut the quarter it would just be enough to change the transition for now, then once it's welded up I can remove the entire quarter for change out.

Im I thinking right or am I missing something?

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