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OK let me start at the beginning: through the fall I work at the South Texas Maize. for those of you who have never heard of one, is a 7 acre field with a haygrazer planted in it and a maize that makes a design cut into it (sorry cant release design just yet). you go out and get lost in this feild and try to make your way from beginning to end. sounds extremely boring but we had 21,000 people go through last year in the 10 weeks were open. today I was taking to my boss and said as a joke that we ought to have a vintage mustang show (64 1/2- 73 most likely). well her response was that if I can get enough interrest they will host a car show one day. now I have no date, time or anything yet I am just seeing if I can get ome interrest from people in the area to make this idea could be good way to get VMF's name out some more. here are some links for yall to see.

South Texas Maize web site

here is a map we are about a 1 mile west of Hondo.

Thanks yall,

Future NASCAR Chevy Killer & The Lord of the Dance
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