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I must be living right.

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I mounted my export brace last night. All 10 bolt holes lined up. What are the odds. I admit I had to stick a Phillips screw driver in one of the fire wall holes move it 1/3 of a hole to get the back bolts in...but compared to the trauma everyone else seems to experience on this, it was nothing. The weird thing is I JUST KNEW this was going to be a PIA and take forever, and it was super easy. Every other job I've done on my car has been 4 times as hard and twice as expensive as I thought it would be.

This was definitely a first. Easy and no extra money.


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I guess you're lucky that the unibody isn't badly tweeked.

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Thats what happens when you live right, eat your spinach and love your Mom..*LOL*

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Better look out for the next 2 or 3 things you are going to do.



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What header will be used w/AFR 165s? Your website doesn't mention header manufacturer or type (shorty, Tri-Y or long tube).

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So I guess you won't want to buy the ShanMan Spreader Bar Especial (SSBE) now huh? See, the window for millionairehood is so very small. Wait, I's the ticket! CHA-CHING!!!

Glad to hear it went well. All my bolts were off about 1/2" in all the usual directions. Hey, maybe I should buy that spreader bar thingy...........jus kiddin'!

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Headers are the major "skimp" section of this project. I bought a set of long tube headers 2 or 3 years ago that were supposedly off of a '65 mustang. I cleaned them up and painted them and stuck them in the rafters of the barn. I know headers are cheap, but if I got new ones I'd certainly go for jet hot coated or maybe even nickel plated the cost could be as high as $600. Rather than take that on right now, I'm going to try to use these no name least for a year or two. Here's what the passenger side looks like:

The driver's side is two pieces bolted together at a flange. I've never seen another header like it. Supposedly it was done that way to make it easier to install around the clutch linkage on a manual car. I don't know. I'll give them a shot and see how they do.


'65 Convertible (with many mods.)
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Mine bolted right back on as well. I guessed that was because the car had been sitting on jackstands since early December! *G*

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See!! Beer and loud music really do help.
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