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I must be to old, because

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It is too loud. I got my Mustang out of the garage finally. Boy the MAC mufflers and the 2.5" exhaust are loud. My wife thinks I just spent all this time and money to make an old loud junk. Well it stays that way until the police tell me to change it. It runs good. On a back road cruising in third gear I can punch the gas and squeal the tires. Guess I'll have to get some big tires also. ( Have big 14" off an 84 LTD ) Fun is!!!

I do have a question: I have hydraulic lifters and roller rockers. There is a little noise from the valve train. I adjusted the lash. One 60,000 shim under each. When the lifter started to go down (contact ) I added the shims so the stud could be turned 3/4 turns to get 22lbs torque. Does this sound right or are they to loose?

Also if anyone saw my seat dilemma : It is fixed,the guy thats business covered my broken frame could believe that he had done it. I think it was his worker (bottom frame was broken in 5 spots). Well he was a stand up guy and took care of recovering another frame.
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You're on the right track with the rockers. 3/4 turn to seat past zero lash is the minimum adjustment. You may be getting a little clatter if some of them are a little under 3/4 turn. 3/4 to 1 1/2 is the safe range. Did you check the number of turns on just one valve or on all of them? Each one is slightly different. Some of the rockers might need only the .030" shim. I'm doing the same thing to mine right now.
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