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If your car is a 65-66 mustang, that is. I need pictures of the integrated deck-lid spoilers for 65-66 mustang coupes. installed.
You see, my dad is all for the customizing my car thing. But my problem is, he wants to get one of the intgrated firebird type spoilers for my step-moms 75 camaro, but he says he doesn't like the look of them on mustangs. He says that my 66 mustang will never be a "muscle car". Oh ho, he's gonna get the supriseof his life when i get that baby out on the freeway next to that 75.
But, anyway, if you have a pic of a 65-66 mustang coupe with an intgrated deck-lid spoiler, post it or email it to me, so we can prove him wrong about this whole early-mustangs-aren't-muscle-cars thing!
BTW, i love my dad, he's my favorite person, the coolest person, in the owrld, but it gets on my nerves when he says stuff like that.
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