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I am by no means an expert in C-4s. however, the band adjustment you perform only deals with the low and reverse bands, IIRC. Slippage at the 2-3 shift may be sluggish due to a sticky/sluggish 2-3 valve. So, I have a couple of questions/comments...

1. When was the last time you serviced (filter, pan and converter drain) the tranny?
2. How many miles are on the trans since it was last rebuilt?
3. A valve body cleansing may do the trick. I had a 1962 Corvair station wagon with the powerglide trnas that would only shift from 1 to 2 by selecting neutral and then second gear manually. After I removed a buttload of varnish out of the various valve passages, the trans worked perfectly. You might have a similar situation...
CAMachinist as well as others may be able to provide more assistance. I have a C-4, but it presently is holding down my garage floor underneath my table saw.:p
Good luck.
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