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I need some engine help UPDATE-1

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Well I bought a starter solenoid and got it hooked up and i still cant start it from the ignition so a new ignition is next on my list,but its still not starting. Now granted it will run a little longer now (the engine actually started getting war, although im not sure if thats because it was runnin or the fire that kept shooting out of the carbeurator, hmmmm....) so im still stumped but thats how things are goin so far.

Also after a little while of trying to start it the fuel bowl becam filled beyond the max and it started pouring out of that little hole in the cover above the bowl, i dont know if that means anything

Well thanx

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The reason gas is coming out the carburetor (and probably the reason fire is coming from the carb) is a stuck or dirty needle and seat in the carburetor or a heavy float.

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If you've got flames coming out of your carb, you've got more problems than a faulty ignition switch. Sounds like the timing is way off. Is this an old/tired engine? Could be the timing chain has jumped a tooth.

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