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Last night I finished my inner fender repairs. Next up is to put the new splash shields on and remount the driver's side fender & bumper. Then a little cleaning in the driveway. Then I need to remove enough of the exhaust for the headers to fit (sawzall???).


Of course that's when the *fun* may really begin. We'll see. I've got the hood off and a fully recharged fire extinguisher as Bill Murray says, "I got that going for me."

Now if the baby will just hold off for 2 more weeks (we're due April 15th). I hope he understands he has responsibilities too. /forums/images/icons/wink.gif

I haven't updated the project sight in a week, but if your curious, here it is:


'65 Convertible (with many mods.)

Phil, A Sawzall is GREAT for cutting the old exhaust!!! I started using a hacksaw with a 5 year old blade, but gave up after 10 minutes when my neighbor that has every tool known to man showed up with his sawzall. 30 seconds later I was finished :)

Good luck to you with your new baby!!!!!! in a couple of years, you'll have someone to pass you all the tools you need. Forget about keeping sockets together. My son has a fortune in toys bought for him, but he still goes for my tools everytime. If your 9/16 wrench turns up missing look in the nearest flower pot, thats where mine usually is, LOL!!!


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A message from the local electric utility here in California stated "Due to the energy shortage the light at the end of the tunnel has been turn off until further notice"

Sorry, I couldn't help myself.... LOL

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