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I smell exhaust

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'66 289. Anyone know what gasket (size and type) I need here? It's where the manifold meets the intake.

Thank you,
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I have part #'s in the garage, give me a few minutes and I'll post it. I tried Walker 31400 first, they were not up to the task at all. Didn't take long to blow them out. These Few-Pro units are much better.

Ok, here ya go
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Thanks. Do I need the studs and nuts too?
Stainless studs and stainless or brass nuts and coating them with anti-seize for the next time is the way to go.
Some have a 5/8 inch hex and some have 11/16 in hex. Deep well socket is your friend.
Any idea where I can get said items?
1 - 3 of 10 Posts