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Finally broke down and ordered a Pertronix Igniter off ($39) and while I was at it, I thought I'd put in a new set of jets in my 4100 Autolite (the secondary jets were not stock and were running lean).

Pertronix installation when quick and easy, and I test drove the car immediately after installation and all seemed well. Then put in the jets, and recharged my a/c. Car started fine and idled nice and smooth as I added the 134.

I then attempted a test drive and every time I gave it the gas the car blew clouds of black smoke and coughed and sputtered.

These were new jets from Pony Carbs, and they were stamped with the correct numbers. What the heck did I screw up? My assumption is the idle circuit is fine but maybe crud got in the carb when I took the old jets out...???

Seems like it would be starving for gas, though, if this were the case. I'm clearly getting too much gas now, not too little.

Any ideas? I was too tired to take another stab at it and decided to wait until I was fresh.

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