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About a year and a half ago I looked at a 428CJ shaker assy and hood for a 69. I procrastinated at that time at the $1200.00 Cdn price. There was a couple things missing and also the hood needed some work. Anyway when I'd made up my mind it had already sold. Last weekend I got a call from a friend who put me onto another fellow who had a shaker and hood for sale. I called right away and bought it. The shaker kind of looked familiar because it was painted black. the hood was not the same one though, it was better so I didn't think it was the one I had passed up before. Then I started to get more information about the car it came from and sure enough, it's the same shaker I had passed up! I couldn't believe it! The chances of that happening are next to none, especially with something as rare as a shaker where I live.

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