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First of all let me thank Anthony for taking my place these last few weeks while I was traveling. I think he did a great job raising money for the forum.

This week we have new donator, no stranger to us in North Bay (Calif) but not national at this point.

Mustangs and Muscle & Classics
1701 Piner Road
Santa Rosa, Calif. 95405
707 571-8077

To the North bay they are well known with fantatic reputation for quaitly work and honest people to deal with.
Chris and Sierra Machado (Owners) have full service shop with everything from complete restorations to regular Matience. With a large showroom of parts and also a huge stock of backroom items that Chris has accumulated ovet the years if you need it very possible they will have it.

The first item offered by them is a sort of dutch auction. We have two complete sets of TMI Pony Interior kits. One is red and white and other is black, these will fit 64.5 to 66 coupes only. Retail on these is about $250 so will start bidding at $125.00 you must let me know which color your interested in when bidding. Nows a great time to pick these up for your winter interior project lets see an over bid on these.

Second item is offered from our Long time friends at Cobra Automotive. You can reach there website at

This week they offer up a video and tee shirt of your choice from there catolog which is one of finest I've ever seen, its truly worth the $5.00 bucks they charge for it. You can also select from there web site as well. Cobra truly is legend in Mustang world race preping many big time race cars and complete restoration speicalizinf in Shelbys.

Ok bidding on these items will be in regular format all bids to [email protected] and will close on Sunday at 6pm PST.

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Not open for further replies.