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I purchased this 67 Mustang project with a swapped in engine.Knowing what it is would be a great benifit.
The number on the block by starter are
The Heads are marked 5A18 on one and 5A31 on the other
Heads have Stamped rocker arms.

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the block appears to have E5AE casting, not ESAE. The casting date of 27 December 1984 (4L27) backs this up. 1985 was the last of the carbureted 5.0s and the first that came with a roller valvetrain. The numbers you have for the heads, 5A18 and 5A31 are the casting dates 18 Jan 85 and 31 Jan 85 respectively. the casting numbers for the heads are located elsewhere on the head.......

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OK On the heads, I've uncovered some more #'s and I don't really know where else to look. There still mounted on the block and I was hoping not to have to take them off just to get ID #
On the outside edge of the valve cover flange. One has 54 to the left and R on the right. Also on lower outside, by spark plug hole area has 33
On the second head the # are 3 then R. Lower #looks like 31

The block has the #'s 22 over 30 on the front.
I took the intake off today and looked in the valley (nasty) It looks like standard style of arrangement. I haven't great knowledge or experience with ford but it looks like standard old hydraulic, push-rod, rocker arm configuration.(except for the stamped steel rocker arms)
It all started when I put the timing light on and the numbers on the damper didn't even line up with the cast pointer that's on the timing chain cover. This cover has dipstick incorporated into this cover. This cover is 289 parts I believe to be from the original engine. I bought this original engine separate from the project car and its unknown engine. The fellow loaded it into the bed of my duelly with the blade of his road-grader. Another first for me:>)
The timing chain cover that came with mystery engine had the fuel pump mounting flange but was blinded, no hole cast in flange. Clues are everywhere I look.
Checked the balancer for slip. Nope, found out it was a new style 302 balancer. I looked at a old-style 302 balancer and it's TDC scale is same position as new style. I put what I believe to be 289 balancer on and with everything lined up TDC the numbers are right on the pointer. But it sounds like this is still not the right balancer. I'm at a loss.
Thanks for your help so far. I talked with the man I bought all this from and he thinks it's all 302 but all he really knows is that he bought it from a fellow named Ed Hill.
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