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Today I needed to install a new turn signal cam on my IdidIt steel GM style column #1120642010 in a 1965 mustang, after the previous one broke while removing the LeCarra steering wheel to tighten up the turn signal lever. There are two models of this turn signal cam: The GEN 2 model P/N 2620000012 is installed with a snap ring (not pictured) and has an integral spacer on top. The original GEN 1 version has a separate spacer and wire ring securing the cam. I stayed with the original GEN 1 rather than upgrade to the newer model, reusing the original spacer and wire ring, which I was able to readily locate at a local auto parts store as Dorman P/N 83232. I was happy to take care of this repair quickly and am sharing here since I didn't see any other posts about this Dorman part that is a direct replacement on the IdidIt style column. Also a quick note that re-installation is easily performed by using a 3/4" deep socket to push on the wire ring once started onto the shaft past the bevel.

The cams are shown in this video at the 1:39 point.

GEN 2 (New Style)

GEN 1 (Old Style)
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