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If you did a GT gauge cluster

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I went to install the GT guage cluster yesterday into a 65 FB and I could not get it into the dash. I referred to the osborne manuals and noticed a small cutout in the dash just above the steering column. Apparently the dash needs to be cut out slightly for this cluster to fit into the dash. Does anyone have any additional info on this? I'm looking for a template for the cutout or cutout dimensions so I don't over cut the dash.

I also noticed that the two mounting screws on the bottom of the cluster go in at an angle now instead of straight in like the old cluster. Do I have to bend the metal tabs outward on the dash that hold the clip nuts to get them to align with the screw angle or do I need different clip nuts?

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It WILL fit, you just have to pursuade it. IIRC, you tilt the bottom in first, then rotate the top in, pivoting on the bottom edge. I didn't want to grind mine, and I'd heard it would fit, so I was determined.

Personally, I didn't want to mangle my dash, so I just left the bottom screws out. But, otherwise, you'll have to bend those bottom tabs. The old speed nuts should work.

Thanks for your help on the ammeter issue BTW. I haven't hooked mine up yet, I have a bunch of other electrical issues to clean up first, but at least I know how.
I had the same experience as Chris. You have to start with the bottom almost all the way in, and the top tilted out towards you. Then swivel/push the top back into place.
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