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Well I made it past all other post today and as I continue to wire the car up I see on the back of the ignition switch a black wire with ring terminal that is screwed into the long stud on the rear with a star washer and nut, however this wire doenst go anywhere and shows sighns of being melted since it is only 3 inches long with a melted end. so I look in the ford book and they show a black with green stripe wire being attached to this screw and it says it goes to the fuse box. well after looking some more I already seea heavier gauge black wire with green stripe where all the other connectsion in the switch go and it goes to the fuse box,

So is their any wire to be placed on the studd?

If so where does it go,

Also the car's ignition works but does this have anything to do with lights or accessories, havent finished that up yet.

Also I see another wire it is baby blue with black stipe and has ring terminal, cant figure where this goes too, cant find it in the book.


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I just finished weeks, working with the wiring in my dash, and I got aliilte help, from this site. So I'll try to help someone else. The "black/green wire is the wire used to the gauges, oil pressue lights, etc. And there is lead off the ignition post, that goes, to the windshield wiper switch,washer pump. I see the "black/blue wire , goes from the light switch to coourtesy lights, etc. Hope this helps.
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