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As someo f you may rad in the General Discussion area, my dad drove me by a house that he said had a white with blue stripes mustang fastback sitting in the drive way. Well, friday, the hood is up on a car in the drive way, so we pull in to say hey. The guys name is Rick, and after he sold his buisness (advertising) he decided to buy a few mustangs. Heres the run down of what he bought:

1. 1988 parts car in crappy condition

2. 1988 Black Saleen, his 15 year old sons daily driver (lucky s.o.b.)

3. 1967 Red Convertible, being restored, his wifes car

4. 1966 white with blue stripes fastback, shelby clone, his daily driver.

5. 1966 Black and Gold Shelby, used to be a race car

6. 1966 red with white stripes shelby, immaculate condition, show car

7. 1970 red and gold shelby

8. 1967 Shelby, being restored

9. 1970 yellow Boss 302

Also has a cobra kit car, 3-4 jeeps, an '03 Yukon, a awesome looking VW Bug, and 40+ vintage John Deer Tractors. Looks like I made a new friend, and found an awesome place to hang out next summer and to help him restore his mustangs. Im just speechless.
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