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I am in need of selling a Mustang of mine. I really don't know what the car is worth. Any guestimations are appreciated!

1968 Hardtop Mustang GT (J-code) - matching #'s
302 4V - no smoke, runs well
4 speed top-loader
3.25:1 9 inch traction loc
8K tachometer
Power front disc brakes
Heavy duty suspension
KYB shocks
Long tube headers and dual exhaust
New: Radiator, Holley 600 Carb, Brakes all the way around
Interior is in decent condition
Wrecked in front, no structural damage other than sheetmetal
Needs new front fenders
Will run and drive, but not legally

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With the damage described and no picture to more accurately judge the car by, I'd estimate around $4,500 if it's a true factory GT.

1969 Mach 1, 428CJ
1965 A-Code Convertible

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Thank you for the response. It is a true GT car, but it has rust. Needs rear quarters. But at least I have a ballpark figure.

Thanks again,

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Check my FAQ (see link below, in sig) in the Where to Get section for a "where to buy cars" topic. It includes links to a couple of online estimating services---you enter the car, they tell you what it should sell for. Also links to online selling services, that might give you an idea of what other sellers are asking for comparable cars.


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