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Can anyone help me with some information i'm trying to find?
-which generic ford/lincoln floorpan was the 3rd generation mustang based on?
-In what year did mustang offer a big block?
-who was the ceo of ford in 1964, who was the man behind the mustang project.
Much appreciated if anyone can help. Please contact me direct if you can if not i'll see if anyone has this useless info in the next few days.
Just finished restoring a 67 fastback if anyone wants to discuss things.


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1967 came the first Mustang big block - the 390

Lee Iacocca was the man behind the Mustang project

I THINK Henry Ford II (2) was running Ford at the time.

Hope this helps,


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3rd gen Mustangs are based on the "Fox" chassis. Also common the the LTD II's, Fairmonts, Zephyrs, Marquis (not the Grand Marquis).
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