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I am considering purchasing a factory original AC unit from a fellow VMFer.

Here is my question... has anyone here installed a factory AC unit on a car that did not come originally w/ AC?

Is the process difficult? Does anyone have instructions or a reference on how to do it? Does it require major changes / drilling? Did the non-AC cars come "templated" for AC at a later date (since it was an option)??

Any help would be appreciated.... I apologize if this has been asked before... I searched the forum and couldn't find the answer.

I forgot to mention that I have a 65 stang



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You will need to make some holes in the engine bay, particularly on the radiator support. best thing is to find an original a/c car for a template. the firewall hole is fairly easy since the indentation is already there.

otherwise, everything else bolts up.

you'll need to remove the front clip of the car to put the condendser/dryer in and make the upper and lower holes for the lines.

also, if you have p/s, you'll need the slant neck housing.

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Also, get a hold of the Electrical assembly manual for your car. It shows all the parts and pieces, where to drill holes, wiring hookups, etc., for the 65-66 A/C. Also shows where and how brackets for the compressor go on the engine.

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I was going to mention the earlier '65 'Stangs didn't have the oval shaped hole in the fire wall for the dual a/c hose grommet but if you find a example car it's a moot point. I think the earlier firewalls had dimples where the two separate hoses goes through the firewall. Just use one as a starting point and cut a oval hole using one of the dimples for one of the hoses.

I hope that makes sense. I'm a little food deprived right now...


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