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I installed a kill switch today. I don't really know what im doing but it seems like it would prevent theft. I spliced the wire that goes from key to POS of coil and put a toggle switch back into the cockpit. It works real well. With the switch in the off position the motor turns over and over and it doesnt fire. Here are my 4 questions.

1. Will this do a good job of preventing theft? Or will a good theif just start it some other way.

2. Where should I mount this so It would be easy to get to but hard to see? Lighter? Mirror adjusting slot? under dash? Keep in mind I have a 72 stang.

3. Is there a better place to put a switch to? I was thinking splicing into the starter cable. But that would probably need like a 10 or 12 guage wire.

4. I don't know anything about electrical systems but can a 18 guage wire be mixed with a 14?

A kill switch seems to be the best anti theft device possible. Does anybody else here use one? Would running multiple switches be a good idea? I dont see it as a topic often.
Thanks for the help. Josh

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I did mention my car in my post(see question 2). And do in all my posts related to my car. I will go to fill out the profile. Sorry, Josh.
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