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I used the pin kit and rebuit my 66 upper and lower hinges recently. In my case, everything worked and the hinges came out like new. On one hinge, the blind pin (the short one that you can't punch it out from the bottom) that holds the spinner bushing (my terminology) could not be pulled out. I had to drill it out. As I remember, I cut the pin off flush and then carefulyl drilled it out starting with a small bit and going up in bit sizes several times until the final size. I used a rather crude method of determining the final size by finding a bit hole that the new pin fit through, then dropping back to the next smaller bit that I had. I also made sure that the holse was deep enough to contain the new pin. Other than this one problem, the new pin/bushing install was a piece of cake. One caution, make sure the hinge parts are positioned correctly before driving in the new pin. Do one hinge at a time.

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1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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