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I just installed mine last week.....It did not want to go on. I had it jacked up by the brace that runs under the engine for about a week and that helped some but didn't spead the towers enough. I managed to get thebrace on the shock tower studs then i had to break out my BF screwdriver to get the holes on the fire wall to line up. Now the Monte carlo bar absolutly did not want to go on.....The PO had "Repaired" the top of one of the shock towers so I had to take that apart and try to fix it. I had to use a 2*4 and my bottle jack to get the towers to spread a few more MM. Once I got a bolt on each side it was pretty easy to get the other ones in. I also took the old braces off but I would probably leave them on if I were to do it again. It couldn't hurt. Good luck...

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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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