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Installing Headers

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Headers arrived today and I'm ready to install question though...I have a 289, 2V, and the current exhaust manifold (stock) has one hose running from it to the choke, and a second running to the rear of the carberator, connecting to a heavy hose that plugs into the rear of the spacer between the carb and the manifold (at least that is if my memory serves me correct, I can't get at it to take a look tonight).

So my question is...what do I need to do, as the headers are smooth, and have no inputs for these types of tubes.

Thanks in advance!

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heres my suggestion, go buy an edelbrock intake manifold and 4v carb with and electric choke. worked for me, well its a holley carb. isnt the hose going into the spacer the pcv from the valve cover. thats what i thought anyways if i can remember correctly.

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The hot air tube to the choke can be purchased or fabricated to provide heat to the choke. It is not necessary to drill a hole in the header, just attach a tube either by clamps or braize to one of the primary tubes. The second hose should be the PCV and is not going to the exhaust manifold, but check to make sure.

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Thanks for the help...I'll try and figure out what I want to do to make this work. By the way, the hose that I thought went to the back of the carb, actually went to a vent of sorts near the top lif of the carb, and the PCV went to the back as described in the replys.

Thanks again!
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