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intake/nitrous/shaker scoop and other ramblings

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Now that my engine/transmission are installed, I can start looking towards some other concerns. Berfore the trans. failure, I had a 351C w/ performer intake, 3/8" nitrous plate(I think thats the thikness) and an Edelbrock carb. They matched up perfectly height-wise for the Shaker scoop.

Durring the rebuild, I changed intakes to a single-plane Holley Street Dominator , and changed to a Holley 670CFM Carburator along with the Nitrous plate. What are the odds that my Shaker scoop is still at the correct height?? Not good. I mounted the Hood last night and test-fit everything. too tall by the thickness of the Nitrous plate. Since the Shaker I have is a fiberglass repo, I decited to just cut(YIKES!! hehe) down the base where it sits on the carb horn. Fits just fine now :)

I have the Electric fuel pump hooked up, Nitrous arming switch on the Megashifter console, momentary pushbutton on the megashifter handle, and new fuel line has been ran from the pump up to the regulator mounted on the firewall.

I also mounted the 5" monster tack on the dash. I am getting closer to starting this beast.


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