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Intake value

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I have a Factory Ford 4 barrel intake and carb on my 69 and I am going to be swapping an Edelbrock Intake and carb. I am thinking of selling them to recover some of the upgrade cost. Does anyone have an idea what the value is on these. The intake is a on a 302, and I got the carb off A police car with a 352 in it I think it was a 68. I had the carb rebuilt and I think I still have the tag from it around somewhere. They are both in good condition but the carb could use a rebuild since the car spent a lot of time in storage and now bogs a little when I give it a good hard stomp on the gas.
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to be honest, my old 4v intake is now a boat anchor. The value is, I believe, relative to how bad it is needed. I actually picked it up for $35.00 at a swap meet. You just never know when it will be needed.
I traded mine for a 7/8" GT front sway bar.
If it is a FORD-lettered aluminum intake, now that's a totally different story...
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