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Wow - a new forum. I made a few hundred posts on the old one, but none in a long time. I haven't had much interest in my stang lately, I had another kid in July, which snapped something in my brain I think. Last winter I built a 351c and swapped it into my 68, as some of the old posters may remember. That was quite a job, which I followed right away with a disc brake conversion and a full auto meter gauge install. I had had enough of my wrenches for a while. Anyway...

Over the summer I had quite a few electrical issues, so in December I bought a Ron Francis wiring kit, with the intention of doing every wire in the car over the winter. Winter's just about over, and only today did I start the job.

I stripped out the entire interior of the car, a 68 Fastback. I want to restore some of the pieces, and I have a sweet black leather interior from a late model Thunderbird blower car, an SC model I think. And now to my questions - What's up with the interior paints I see in the catalogs? Are they good for the fiberglass? Are they durable finishes, and what kind of prep is needed? I want to change from maroon to black. Any suggestions? Also, I am throwing away my maroon carpet, which is only four years old. Who makes a decent carpet kit, one which will last for more than a few thousand miles of use?


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I was wondering where you went... Thought I would be the only Phantom gauge do it your selfer here /forums/images/icons/wink.gif

Your car is red right? Maroon carpet, yeah get that outta there. I think the all around best carpet on the market today is by ACC (Auto Custom Carpets) and is basically what every vendor carries now. You could even order it from Summit, they might be the best price too.

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