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Interior color question...

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Does anyone have a pic of a full medium blue interior with dark blue carpeting (66 coupe)??

I'm trying to decide weather to replace my mouldy medium blue carpet with a dark blue one.

All interior metal is med. blue, headliner is med. blue, dash pad is dark blue, door panels are dark blue. Current carpet is medium blue, but I think it may be a bit too much....

Please give me your opnions as well..

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I have the exact same car and color scheme.

However, I opted to try and "lighten" it up a bit and went with a white headliner and white sunvisors. The dash, pad, and door panels all stayed the same medium blue and I stayed with the medium blue carpet also. I considered the dark blue but found out it you could not get the matching carpeted kick panels in that darker color.
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