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Interior paint

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I've heard that krylon semi-flat black or semi-gloss black is what you paint the dash with. Which one is it? Matter of preference? What about the the interior of the doors? Had to replace one that someone had cut speaker holes in. Which black paint? Thanks
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I posted somewhat extensively on the old board about this subject. After using numerous ($$$) spray cans of the Mustang-vendor-supplied black lacquer interior paint, I tried an experiment with different makes and types of locally available black spray paint to see if any came close to the original finish or even close to the vendor lacquer. I had an old fiberglas panel with the original black paint that I used for a test. I taped it off into 4" squares and painted each square with a different brand or type of finish. After all was dry, I couldn't tell the Krylon #1613 from the original finish. All the others including some types of Rustoleum and other Krylons didn't come nearly as close. Also, the #1613 was easy to apply in that it covered uniformly without filling in the grain of the fiberglass as others seemed to do. Anyway, that's my experience. Just for the record, I'm not prejudiced against lacquer as thats what I'm using to finish the exterior.

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