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Replaced the bezel on the instrument cluster, and repainted the needles while I was at it. I thought I would never get the nuts off the backside of the lower dash trim panel. They were 11/16ths, and I couldn't find that size wrench or deep well socket anywhere. Fortunately, I found a nut driver that worked, after I beat the crud out of my arms trying to get it in position. Lots of scrapes and cussing later, the coupe interior is starting to shape up.


1965 convertible "White Pony", my own lesson in mechanical humility
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I remember doing my interior. I used a lot of short nasty words and has cuts and scrapes all over. At one point I had 26 cuts on one hand alone.... All very small scrapes. But the result was worth the agony in the shower...

Go on, make it great! Good luck!


First time rolling restoration, 66 289 nearing completion.
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