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Hello fellow members....

This is a shameless plug....
After dabbling with classic Mustangs for about 30 years, being on this forum for over a decade, and truly enjoying working on and restoring classic Mustangs, I wanted to introduce you to my new venture. My wife and I have opened a Mustang restoration business in Central Florida.

Our goal is to service and restore these classics for individuals that can not, or do not want to, work on their own projects. I know many of us on here usually work on our own cars, but there are those that would prefer to let someone else do the work - that's where we come in. Our motto is to get these cars on the road and driven.

Being involved on this forum for so long, I will of course continue to contribute and offer my experiences to everyone here. I am sure I will also be asking questions as well...

Send me a PM, or e-mail me, at [email protected] for more info. The website is CC Restorations, LLC ? Restorations, Customization, Service, & Maintenance

Looking forward to continuing contributing on this awesome forum and offering additional assistance to those looking to restore their classics.

Thank you and see you on the road!
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