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Many ways to skin a cat as they say. The engine is a air pump. Move more air, make more power. The big problem with the sbf are restrictive exhaust ports. You can put a bigger cam in which raises the torque peak. But your heads must be able to move that needed air. So focus on your heads first. Every one is going to have their favorite brand and so do I. However I feel no matter what brand of head use buy or use, they're all going to make about the same power if they aren't the restriction. Another advantage of better heads, even with a mild cam that mild cam will be more effective. You will have a broader power band.

A few years ago I needed a new engine for my 66. I have a rebuilt long block still on the pallet in my garage I was going to use. The heads on it are probably the worst heads Ford made. It's also a flat tappet. Not that flat tappet is bad, I don't have a issue with them. However I soon realized between buying better heads and a new flat tappet cam, I realized it would just be cheaper to buy a good used Explorer motor. Since it's roller cam it's not a issue using a used cam on the roller tappets. I picked up a used roller cam for $60. You can not buy a flat tappet cam and tappets for $60. The Explorer motor has the best factory heads. They are worth about 30-40 hp over older heads. So I paid $450 for a good used Explorer motor and sold off what I didn't want for $175. Net cost for the motor was $275!

I'm not saying you have to do what I did, just saying as another option.

As far as your suspension. Stock alignment specs suck. It calls for little to no caster. Caster is what makes your car go straight and stable. You want about 2° or more. Check your strut rods for worn bushings. If they are worn, the lower arm is going to move around which directly effects tracking and stability. The suspension on these cars can go from hero to zero or zero to hero very quickly between worn parts, crappy alignment. There's a simple, cheap modification to the upper control arm which is simply relocating it which makes a huge difference.

To sum it up, take time to get familiar with your car. Learn about different options for engine mods. What works for me may not work for you or nay not be what you want. But yes, a lot of great people here willing to help.
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