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Howdy Ya'll I saw a post about doing a EFI conversion on a carburated 351w. Is that really worth it? I have thought about putting EFI on my 351w, but gee it's expensive. I wouldn't be able to get away with anything stock because my engine is pretty radical with a 268 comp cam, large valve ported heads, and a wieland stealth intake. On top of all that is a 750 carter carb and yeah I have to tune on it alot but I can make needed adjustments.

My roommate has a GN and his quest for speed is is hindered by his car's stock computer. Engine mods on that car just seem to make it more tempremental. He is allways asking me how to fix it and I can't help him because I don't understand what it is the computer is trying to do. So I ask you guys do you think I should look into EFI or just stick with what has been doing the trick for years?

By the way I saw two things that made my ears perk up a bit.
1. Someone said there is a place that can install fuel rails on any intake (I could keep my stealth).
2. Someone had a link to a home built computer that would allow you to tune your engine.

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Nobody can tell you if it's worth it to you...

EFI, when done properly, will get you the most power, efficiency and reliability your engine is capable of. That said, you likely won't be able to do it with a factory setup.

You are looking at thousands of dollars to convert. It will take a VERY long time to get that money back via improved MPG.

A set of injectors will run you ~$500.00
Fuel Rails
Fuel pump
Fuel lines
Return lines
Fuel regulator
Throttle body

You are looking at 4-5K, by the time all is said and done.

I think it's worth it, but then, I am funny that way :p

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talk to Caponyboy - roberto...he's doing a conversion on a 351W

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Flipping through the ol' Summit Racing catalog, I came across several FI options. TBI (throttle body injection) and multi-point. TBI is much simpler than multi-point, so naturally it's less efficient. The Holley TBI system for engines making up to 500 horses (900 CFM) runs $1349, not so very much when you consider it's all-inclusive and programmable. Edelbrock offers a multi-point system that flows 1000 CFM (should be plenty!) for around $2500. I'm also considering converting but have too many expensive Mustang projects on my plate as is. All I know is, my ex had an '86 LX drop-top with TBI and it purred like a kitten. Damn, I miss her. She had air conditioning and everything.
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