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Is the manual lever on a C4 the same as the switch shaft. I have seen it labeled differently in different reference books. The only seal that I can find for it is listed as the manual lever seal. If this doesn't fix the leak, I'll probably bite the bullit and have the tranny rebuilt while it is in the hsop.
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There is a smaller shaft inside the shift shaft, it is the kick down lever. There is a small O ring at the end. The shift lever has a seal, to remove and replace this you must drop the pan and valve body. Then remove the large nut that retains the whole thing. I know because I had to do the same thing last week.

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what is the name of the outer seal, I looked at a exploded view and it only shows the O-ring. Is the inner a bushing? Even the guys at the local parts store cant find a listing in their books. But then again its'a NAPA.

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