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I called to get help with my no pedal problem and the guy on the phone said that the booster is not being activated enough. He said it should be adjustable. The car is at the shop with the manuals so I cannot look right now.

Is this true? I am about to buy a brand new Master Cylinder and new Distribution block(they call it a Combo Valve) and see if that establishes me some brakes. Also, I told him that I have an adjustable Prop Valve on the rear line path. He said this does not do anything that the combo valve does it all. he basically said that the adjustable valve does nothing when installed with pwer brakes with combo on the firewall.

Oh, I have a 69'Mach1 with power brakes, disc/drum and the shop I took it to tried to tell me I have all the lines run wrong. Dad and I asume they couldnt figure out the problem and spent hours already and figured they could get us for some new parts.
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