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Is there a track change with the granada swap?

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I have been looking at old posts and have yet to find anything to answer my question. When you go from a drum brake setup to the granada disc brake setup, does the front track, or width, change significantly? I have very little room as it is for my tire and wheel to move outward before it really starts rubbing the fender, and I figured that the granada swap would move it out further, which has been keeping me from doing the swap. But, does anyone know for sure if they had tire rubbing problems after the swap which they didn't have before the swap? Thanks
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Good luck on the swap Dave. As you can see, mine is well under way. I re-assembled the brake assembly Sunday and Monday, including rebuilding the calipers, ie., honing and new piston seals. Brand new pads, wheel bearings and races round out the re-build. I lucked out and the 14 x 6" slotted mags fit perfectly with no need to grind on the caliper housings.

BTW, started on the subframe connector project. We bought a wirefeed welder at work and my co-worker, who is an excellent MIG welder is helping. We got the square tube frames cut out along with the angle iron connectors. The subframe connectors will still hang down about an inch below the bottom level of the front subframe. Should have that project done by the end of the weekend.

Good luck on your granada swap. You will love the results, I'm sure. My brake investment for the granadas, M/C and lines will wind up running about $450.00. Don't forget to grab the prop. valve. And see if you can get an assy that still has fluid in it. If you can choose amongst several granadas and mercury monarchs, try finding one with good rotors. Only cost me $24 to turn mine, vs. $150 to replace. That saved a lot of $$$. Oh yeah, when reassembling the dust shields, make sure you get them on the proper side or your calipers won't fit. I found that out and had to take everything apart, then reassemble.
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