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Is this allowed on ebbay?

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Ive been looking for a daily driver for a while on , and 3 times i've watched auctions for cars with book values around $5-7,000 go for around 2-3000...these are no reserve auctions. Each time right before the auction ends, the seller will cancel the auction. One can only imagine that they canceled it because the price didn't go as high as it should have. All the cars appear on ebbay again in a week or so it's not like the car was sold locally. This can't be allowed can it?
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I believe if it didnt hit the reserve they can cancel it
but they were all running with no reserve
If I'm not mistaken, they are only allowed to do that "prior to" the last (12) hours of the auction. After that, they are not allowed to do that. I may be wrong, or this may only apply to certain auctions, but if so I think they can get reprimanded by e(B)ay, only if someone complains.
IIRC you cannot retract a bid within 12 hours of auction end without some valid reason but a seller can cancel the auction. Most likely they are afraid that the car isn't going to bring what they think it should and will cancel it. One time on some parts I had for auction I did the same thing and canceled. It had no bids and I felt if someone wasn't interested than I pulled it...
Ebbay wont complain as they don't have to refund any listing fees for the seller canceling the auction, and at $40.00 a pop they will let a seller run the auction as many times as he wants to pay for...
Thanks guys.. I guess its more frustrating than anything, especially when they all have stuff in the ad saying "we are serious about selling the car, we hope the bidders are the same way" etc
They must be e(B)ay newbies then, because anyone who has done any business on e(B)ay for any length of time would know that the heaviest bidding is always done in the last few hours and sometimes minutes of auction close!
THat is what happens when you want to pay $3000 for a $7500 car....

It is all a game your cards right and you will get a great deal!!!

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