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Is this intake rare??

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I have an Offenhauser 360 degree dual plane intake on my car and I've had a couple people at car shows tell me it's a rare intake worth quite a bit of money. I've never seen another one, but I'm not convinced it is actually rare. Anyone know? If it is rare, what's it worth? Thanks.
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No, they are not rare. Offenhauser still makes them. You can order one from PAW for about $225. It is unique in design. I don't think any other intake manufacturers make a similar one. I had one on my 429 about ten years ago.
Offenhauser was big in the 70"s. However I don't think they are that rare, and or that high dollar. The Mustang I brought had one on it. But I'm not even thinking of useing it. I'm got a Cobra intake, that's going on the new motor.
My brother runs one on his '65 289 with C-4 auto. The car runs very well with plenty or torque and horsepower. As you may know the carbureator primaries and secondaries feed separately through a split port to each cylinder port. I think this helps keep the velocity up for the carbureator primaries when the secondaries open. My brother paid $50 for his which was cast in 1967 or 1968. I would use it in good health.
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