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Is Windsor-Fox the only one who sells ..

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AOD conversion parts?
They have everything I need. But wanted to be able to compare pricing.
(guess we can't make as long as a subject line in this new forum)


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We also sell the parts to convert to AOD.

National Parts Depot
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Danny Banh of DB Engineering also manufactures and sells conversion parts for AOD/T5/Tremec/T56 changeovers. In shopping around, I found that the prices for the conversions (overall) weren't too far from each other. I would recommend you ask around and find out whose components were easier to install and worked best.

I believe Dark Horse also provides components, but I don't have contact info for them.

DB Performance Engineering
2602 N. San Gabriel Blvd Unit C
Rosemead, CA 91770
(626) 571-7126
(626) 572 6029 FAX

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Dark Horse is in Renton, Washington. I'll post address and phone number as soon as I dig it up.

Dean T

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