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Hey Everyone,

So my grandparents once had a 1968 Royal Maroon Fastback GT390. The car was a Trailer Queen Show Car. It they bought it in rough shape and they restored it all original down to every last nut and bolt. The car was NEVER driven on the road. I can only ever remember seeing it on the road once. When I was in Junior Kindergarten, one day waiting to be picked up after school, I remember seeing the car coming to the school, so I ran to the car because I knew it was my Grandpa. That was the only time I ever got to ride in it and it was driven on the road. But my grandpa got sick, and my grandparents sold the car. I remember going to my grandparents house after school one day that same year and I remember seeing it being loaded into some trailer and at the time I had no clue what was happening. What was happening that day was my grandparents selling the car. All I know about the car now is that it was sold to some guy in Maple, Ontario, Canada. It was sold years ago, but now I want to find it as I was only a little kid when I last saw it. Now I'm 15 and I have only seen photos of the car. I also have a copy of the window sticker and the build sheet. The VIN is 8T02S223746. As I said, it's a Royal Maroon 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback with the GT package and a 390 CID V8 Big Block 4V Engine. The car has a White "C" Stripe on both sides. That's all I really know about the car. If anyone sees a car like this please let me know and try to find any info you can, Such as Licence plate or any other info. I will post photos later. Please share!!! I really want to find this car!!!

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