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This a followup to a thread I had started a couple of days ago. Basically I couldn't get the idle down and I had no power. As I mentally went through my checklist of things I might have changed or modified I recall one thing I did almost absent mindedly. I have an adjustable throttle linkage with heim joints. I thought why dont I adjust this so that the bellcrank doesn't have to be pulled down to meet it. So I adjusted both ends of the linkage - both a mistake. I wound up cutting my range of motion with my pedal to about 20% and at the same time I opened up the throttle blades toofar. So I had an idle speed of about 1100 and couldn't move the rpms past 1500 in any gear.

Now I have the idle at 900 and runs well in all gears :) . I still need to tune it a bit more and see about drop the idle a bit more if possible. But its a least in running the way I want.

Here's a tip that I picked up but have failed to learn this summer on at least 3-4 occasions. After finding TDC using a socket wrench on the crank bolt remember to remove it. If you don't there's good chance you will loosen the crank bolt and might even take it completely off (which I did tonight..again). Ugh I swear I tell myself to not forget...but then I can't turn the car off fast enough when I do.

Thanks for all the helpful hints that are in the previous thread,

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