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I have color!
Bought this little coupe out from under a tree where it sat for 23 years! Was gonna do a quick flip on it, or so I thought. Well as is often the case, things got out of hand. Five years + later, it now has:
Fresh 306m with RV cam, Weiand dual plane, GT40 heads, Hooker Super Comp headers, 650 DP. Sounds great!
New tranny (c4) with kit.
Totally new suspension
All new AC system
Installed all new PS system
Installed disc brakes.
Will naturally have all new interior.
I have a color matched Grant steering wheel to put in it.
Late model Mustang 17" wheels and tire combo.

I thought I would paint it red, but, changed my mind and painted it this color instead! :)
(2005 Viper Red)

In the process of putting it back together, but missing tons of the little things / parts.


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