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Some of you may remember about a year ago when I first brought my 66 home from the paint shop, my German Shepard shredded my new car cover and clawed up the hood. A buddy had some great polish and we were able to polish out most of the damage.

Well, tonight it happened AGAIN (minus the car cover). My other dog (nondescript mutt) got out of the garage fencing and jumped up on the hood, fresh claw marks all over. I'm so PISSED I'm considering making a set of dog skin seat covers! I've got plenty of other cars that mutt could have played with, but NOOOOOO, it had to be the Stang! AAAARRRGHHH!!!

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I think you need to mark your territory!

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I feel you man! One day my mom's cat (not my cat-they claim it to be the kids cat) got into my stang and used my brand new seats for a scratching post! Plus her little poofy ball dog got under the car and chewed up the hoses! The funny thing is it didnt die from drinking that anti-freeze because my dad always tell me to clean up the anti-freeze because dogs and cats love it!
Wow, that sucks. Are the scratches small enough to polish them out like you did last time?

This should make you feel better: My wifes Irish setter used to sleep in the back of our old beater Datsun pickup so one day she decided to take the little pickup to work and leave her Nissan 300ZX turbo at home. When she arrived home later that evening there was the setter sleeping on the hood of the 300ZX with claw marks everywhere. Good thing that was ten years ago cause it took about that long to get over it.

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That sucks!

I have a friend who had an '87 Mustang conv., we went out late one night cruising and he left the top down when he got home. During the night the neighbor's cat crawled in the back seat and pissed everywhere. He must have cleaned that back seat a dozen times, but whenever it got hot the back seat would start to stink something awful. He traded it in on a hardtop.

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I'm trying to figure out why you have dogs trained to jump on the hood of cars????? How did you get them to do that. ?
Does your engine smell like a T-bone steak?

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I've discovered that weiner-dogs are the best way to solve that problem. The problem I had was when one of my sons was about three years old he decided to wash my gorgeous 68 el camino; only thing that he had wrong was that you are supposed to use a sponge, not a brick. ouch!
Cool! A stone-washed El Camino!


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Why don't you just put an electric fence around the stang heheh. That'll show them!! Sorry man!!

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I believe that the nearest Chinese restaurant would have that shepherd on the menu soon.

Seriously, sorry about that.

It made me remember the BMW I used to own that had the hood re-painted 3 times: One time I parked it in front of one of my customers buildings and when I came out the employees were taking a break and some minimum wage jerk was sitting on it with some sort of studs on his pants that put a couple of nice scratches in it. All he could say was "Sorry Dude."

A couple of month later, our dog "treed" a raccoon on the hood. Can you imagine a raccon with full claws standing on the hood trying to defend itself.

A year or so after that, I took my car to one of those rotary car washes and went inside to pay. I looked outside and I see this guy scraping on the hood. We I got closer I realized he was scraping bird poop off the hood with a razor blade. At least the car wash paid for the new paint.

I feel your pain.

J. Boggs

By the way, the radio in my 68 is stock AM/FM mono and it sounds pretty crappy. I've got a portable CD player but it still will sound pretty poor. We'll have to figure something out.
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