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its 4:53 Am...and shes keeping me awake.

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Thats right folks, i cant sleep. My mustang is keeping me awake. The bad problem is i've got to work in 5 hours. Anyways enough of that rant, i've got some pics of my car on my website. it looks ain't pretty. but give me some tips. mostly i know it needs to come out of the jungle its in. I don't have the option of selling the car, or buying another in better condition. so just help me with what i have. please. Thanks!
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There's nothing wrong with this! I'd try to get it mechanically sound first, then deal with the body, then interior. I'm trying to get my old '67 back for a pro street big block project.
I would strip it down. Take every part off of it and than have the car sandblasted. Than I would replace all the bad body parts, sand and prime, and than slowly clean up and fix parts as you put it back together. That is what I am doing anyway, so far so good.
a little bit o'JB Weld and your good to go! Post pics when your done, should take, dunno, just this weekend?

i wish it werer a weekend project. *yawns*2 houes till work, i wonder if theyll let me stay home today?
It looks like you're not out of the woods yet. Sorry, couldn't resist! /forums/images/icons/tongue.gif

Have fun!
hehe yea i know...i'm going to remedy that this weekend. /forums/images/icons/laugh.gif. I"m just hoping that this unrelenting rain will slack up. Then im going to need everybody's help on gettin my mind straight with the next engine for the car, cuz it ain't staying a six. (got a 302 HO in mind, but it needs rebuilt non fuel injected)
My car was in a similar position, in the woods. My recommendations are to pull the entire car apart and check and evaluate each part, if it's good reuse it (the money save method) However, with a car out of the woods be careful of the frame. Most likely it's pretty bad judging from the missing floor pans. And for a 6cyl to V8 build up as you planned beware of the differences between the cars. Secondly, keep a running budget of the project to make sure you don't exceed the car's value with build up unless you plan on keeping it for a while.

Don't worry about the sleep loss, I have lost quite a bit of sleep over parts, my 66 coupe, and ones who got away.
I'm not worried about the cost of the conversion, i don't have mucho deniro, but the car is special to me so i'm keeping it. i couldn't stand to part with it. anyways... cya later!
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