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Haven't posted in a while - but, thought I might just pop up a pic or two of what I've been up to for the last little bit.

Work on the car has been slow for one reason or another, but I have been getting prepared to tackle my rust problems - starting with the floors. I have sourced some late model seats to go in the car, so wanted to get those mounted first, so I could determine if I would need to lower the seat risers. Adapter brackets were manufactured to mate the seat mounting points to the original mounting points in the mustang, so the original seats and new seats can be swapped out at will. Here's the result of the seat installation (note that the seats will be recovered before final installation).

As I was going to the trouble of putting the new seats in, I had to also install the new steering wheel that I had sourced, so I could determine leg clearance. To achieve this, I had to machine up a custom mounting boss arrangement to mate to the wheel.

I had also purchased a JME instrument bezzel, however, due to some transportation problems, it didn't arrive until a month or two ago. I had ordered it in the wood grain finish, but upon arrival, I found that the wood grain made the steering wheel I had souced look rather orange, and very out of place. As I was keeping the wheel no matter what, I set about manufacturing another facia for the cluster, and generating a black wrinkle finish on it - the end result came out looking pretty good iffen I do say so myself! Totally different to the camera case finish, so it gives it a touch of originality (now to make the glove box door match!). To finish out the unit, I purchased the VDO Vision gauges locally (australia) such that I could have all metric readings. The end result of the steering wheel and instrument panel can be viewed here.

The end result of all this is that I had to lower the seat riser by about 2 inches. As the new seats have power height adjust, I may well drop 3 inches, but, we'll start at 2 and go from there.

Anyways, haking into the floor, I knew I was going to find rust - the rear floors had been replaced by a PO, who had basically just welded them in over the top of the rear lip of the seat riser - making removal a pain. It also meant that the real lip had been rusted out - just as well I am planning on lowering the seats. Anways - I cut away, and have the floor out on the drivers side (right hand side in Australia), allowing a view of the frame rail extension thingy. The frame rail is pretty badly dinged up, however is totally rust free (which amazed me!), so I'll bang the dints out, and see about welding the floor back in. Unfortunately, cutting out one piece of rust leads to finding another piece, which would be easier to repair while the floor is out - so, it may be a little while before I get the thing back in so I can start on the other side!

Oh well...

J.B. appears my host server has taken a dump....should be up again shortly, so please be patient if the pics do not load. My appologies. J.B.
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