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It's painted!

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My dash and A-pillars are now the correct color of parchment. What a job to paint that area. A lot of prep work but I did it right by removing EVERYTHING and stripping it to bare metal. I used a rattle can from NPD and the paint went on nice and smooth with just the right amount of low-gloss. Today, I install the headliner. I'll be posting pictures on my website soon.

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Cogratulations. Nothing like the feeling you get when the project goes well. By the way, your FB looks great.

EdK (Ed Kennedy on old forum)
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I love your car, Joe. The color is striking! Are you planning on attending the Columbus Ford Swap meet the end of the month? I'd like to meet some other forum members and thought maybe a group of us attending could arrange to meet somewhere. I'm planning on going on Saturday, the 31st.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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