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About your own car?

Shaggz 2 Violent: I have an '88 Buick
Shaggz 2 Violent: what?
Knightshade357: haahahha
Knightshade357: is it a regal?
Shaggz 2 Violent: yeah
Shaggz 2 Violent: Buick regal
Knightshade357: those are allright
Knightshade357: 305 or 350?
Shaggz 2 Violent: wha?
Knightshade357: ...or it it a 6 cylinder
Shaggz 2 Violent: I don't know
Shaggz 2 Violent: I'm dumb
Knightshade357: you dont know?
Knightshade357: go outside and count the spark plug wires
Shaggz 2 Violent: count the who-what?
Knightshade357: the distributor sends a spark to each cylinder to fire the compression of gas/air (thus making the engine GO)
Knightshade357: the number of spark plug wires would indicate how many cylinders the engine has
Shaggz 2 Violent: hmm?
Knightshade357: oh my god

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It could be there is a difference between mis-informed and un-informed. There is no bad information, just a lack of
knowledge... Go ahead, educate the guy (?).../forums/images/icons/smile.gif

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Agreed, time to take out the text book and instruct a beginner.

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You oughta work behind a parts counter sometime.
" I need some plug wires for my Chevy"
OK, what kind of Chevy?
"It's an LT"
Ummm, OK. What sort of Chevy LT. Car? Truck?
(Looks at parts guy like he's completely retarded) "A 1991 LT"
Umm, It's not a Corvette is it?
"Oh yeah, it's a Corva.. Corno...Corsa, something like that."
Maybe a Corsica?
"Yeah, yeah, that's it."
(Oh Lord God help me now) Is it a 3.1 V6 or or a 2.2 four cylinder?
"Umm, I'm pretty sure it's a 357."
And on and on........

Repeat twice weekly.
Develop twitch under right eye.
Lose your hair even though baldness never ran in your family.
Amaze you dentist with how evenly your teeth are ground down.
Flinch every time a phone rings.
Consider a career change to something like bomb disposal or something less nerve racking.
It's not really all that bad. Well, mostly not.
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